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My Community Passport

Key Competencies for Minor Offender Reintegration

The MYCOMPASS piloting activities in Cyprus

In regards to the piloting sessions of our project in Cyprus, Eurosuccess Consulting organized and implemented, along with the active support of the Cypriot Prison department, various meetings for the testing of the materials produced during the project implementation. The first one was conducted inside the prison, between juvenile prisoners and young people from the community and the second meeting among trainers from the prisons, universities and the community. During the meetings, furthermore to the piloting actions, the project and its objectives, the educational materials, and the future needed activities were presented to the participants.

The completion of pilot training procedure was held on the 3rd of June 2014, where the educators from the prisons and the society delivered the training materials to the youngster from the society. After the session, opinions and recommendations were expressed among the participants regarding the fine tuning of the materials and the training methodology. It is also worth to mention that the youngster from the society expressed intense interest in being informed by the trainers regarding the feedback they got from the young prisoners. Each trainer shared his/her point of view and feedback that they collected from the inmates.

The most important outcome for our project development is that the materials were found really interesting and helpful for the prison trainers and inmates. Because of this, education sessions, using the MYCOMPASS materials, are being held once per week and will be conducted in a permanent basis.

In regards to the project management issues, on the 5th and 6th of June, the 4th project meeting took place in Protaras, Cyprus. During the meeting, were representatives from all partner organizations participated, the piloting experiences of each country were shared, the next activities to be done were stated, analyzed and agreed and lastly the issues related to the dissemination and exploitation actions of the project were discussed, with special emphasis on the organizational and administrative aspects of the final conference, which will be held in Kaunas – Lithuania, on the 2nd and 3rd of October 2014. 

It is strongly believed that the project results will be useful for all the countries of the European Union and their Prisons.