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My Community Passport

Key Competencies for Minor Offender Reintegration

CPIP participation to EPEA

Every 2 years, the EPEA holds its International Conference in a different European country so that members and non-members can come together to explore topical issues; experience new approaches and innovations, and highlight good practice in the field of prison education.  Approximately 130 delegates from all European countries have met in Hveragerdi, Iceland, for the 15th European Prison Education Conference.

The purpose of the conference is to provide a professional forum to explore and examine developments and issues common to prison educators throughout Europe and beyond. It brings together practitioners, policy makers, providers, etc., to discuss the key questions of the day in a relaxed but formalized setting.

From CPIP team Daiana Huber had the opportunity to join this conference and disseminate among EPEAs member the work developed within MyCompass project. The dissemination was possible through a “poster workshop” session, where all participants were encouraged to display visual concepts of their current projects.

Another dissemination opportunity was during the plenary sessions of the conference, where the participants were encouraged to spread printed materials.


A number of parallel workshops took place during the 3 day conference.  Daiana Huber participated in:

  • “What predicts prisoners’ participation in education” run by Lise Oen Jones from Norway
  • “Effects of imprisonment and the possibilities to continue an education before being fully released” moderated by Prainn Farestveit from Iceland
  • “The role of prison staff in promoting labour market reintegration” coordinated by Paul Tablot from Austria

During these workshops, MyCompass project was disseminated among the participants and contacts were established for further information and development. Below is the list of persons informed about MyCompass project and that expressed their interest in the developments of our project.