MyCompas project with identification number LLP-LdV-TOI-2012-RO-025 has been funded with support from the European Commission, Leonardo da Vinci program, TOI. This publication reflects the view only of the author, and the ANPCDEFP and Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

My Community Passport

Key Competencies for Minor Offender Reintegration

Work package 1 – Project consortium and financial management

Objective 1: to set up an effective and transparent project structure that promotes development, enhances co-operation and realizes objectives, outcomes and impact.
Small focused working groups are favored. In addition to the Steering Committee, which will be the core group of developers, there are two working groups for Testing and Adapting and Promoters.
The Steering Committee will have overall responsibility for:project progress & results, the development of the MyCOMPASS framework and resources ensuring that milestones within timetable and outcomes are achieved; that financial planning is adhered to; that interim and final reports are prepared; that evaluation is continuing and promotion and exploitation is thorough.
The Project Development & Testing Group will be responsible for testing and adapting the materials and tools in the partner countries; for communications and relationships at national lever; and for testing and validating project materials.
The Project Promoters Group will be responsible for the development of valorization and dissemination strategies; the development of an exploitation strategy; designing promotional materials for dissemination and identifying appropriate promotional opportunities for raising awareness throughout the project and presenting the final products.

Objective 2: to develop and put in place networking measures that will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of communication inside and outside the project. The working language of the project will be English. Web discussion groups will be established in Intranet, a well-developed platform that allows on-line discussion, development of materials and archiving for the three project working groups. During the first transnational meeting a short training course in available networking measures will be delivered for all participants. A high quality development and design of the MyCOMPASS website will commence from the start of the project. The website will be a key instrument for the success of internal communications, raising awareness of the project and marketing of the project’s products. The website will contain information on the aims and details of the MyCOMPASS project; progress reports on developments in new partner countries; the new products when they become available; a forum and mailbox for comments and discussion from people outside of the project; and links to complementary websites promoting the MyCOMPASS project and minor offender reintegration.
Managing the project will be done by:

  • ensuring the exchange of information,
  • supporting the communication among the partners,
  • monitoring the project’s progress,
  • fixing schedules,
  • planning, moderating and documenting all activities,
  • creating a project brand,( The MyCOMPASS Visual Identity Handbook)
  • installing a project web site,
  • organizing and maintaining public relations,
  • controlling the budget and the contract,
  • coordinating the reports to be delivered.

With the help of the management the project will run effectively. Above all, the coordinator will define communication rules in order to ensure a fruitful and respectful collaboration. In the kick-off the specific working tasks will be fixed. The central project management will be carried out by a competent staff member of the contractor who is experienced in transnational projects. The financial accounting system also permits a financial controlling of the partner budgets. The project management will report to the Commission at the given time limits.

In the lifespan of this WP there will be one project meeting: in Romania, in November 2012. This will be the first project meeting, to start the project, connect the partners and plan further work.